Our Story

We began as a data team just like yourselves

At Fyrefuse, we believe in the liberating goal of transforming the chaos of modern data into powerful decisions from day one. Our DataOps experts make sure our Clients achieve the fast and seamless transition to ‘data democracy’ – which means making data flows easily reach data scientists, analysts and business users in a fast, efficient and secure way.

Our decade-long experience in major European Big data projects taught us the importance of Data Management architectures at every point of the data operations pipeline. We promote a new approach to analytics where every team is always equipped with vast data availability, data governance is strictly enforced and automated, and new analytics is continuously released in rapid increments. Collaboration lies at the heart of our values, so by bringing together data owners, stewards, architects, scientists, analysts, business users or even external data consumers we make sure every Client reaches their vision.

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