fusillio.IO architecture

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fusilli.IO manager architecture

fusilli.IO Manager

fusilli.IO Manager is an open source project designed for dynamic workflow orchestration to securely transfer and prepare data across different environments. Powered by the best-in-class innovative technologies, the interaction between its connectors and the central core guarantees pipeline engine resilience and the right flexibility for every need.

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fusilli.IO pipelines architecture


fusilli.IO promotes code-free data management, so even those unfamiliar with programming can build robust and constantly monitored pipelines for data delivery and preparation. In addition to automatic scheduling options, you can also access the detailed network of logs and DataOps dashboards through the user-friendly fusilli.IO Portal.

Apache Kafka
LinkedIn Ads
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Google Cloud Storage
Hadoop HDFS
MQTT Broker
Amazon S3
Facebook Ads Insights


A set of robust connectors allows fusilli.IO Manager to communicate not only with a wide range of databases such as RDBMS, NoSQL, NewSQL, and many more, but also with file systems, event streams, and applications. Connect your data in minutes with a large catalog of prebuild connectors or develop your own customized connectors with an open source software development kit.

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fusilli.IO on Kubernetes

fusilli.IO Manager on Kubernetes

fusilli.IO Manager was originally developed as a containerized application, so by deploying on a Kubernetes cluster you can run fusilli.IO Manager consistently in any type of physical or virtual environment, optimize resource usage, scale as quickly as needed, and cope seamlessly with elevated traffic volumes.

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