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Leverage the power of Big Data analytics through a full hyperconverged solution.

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Containerized workloads for complete data control

The use of fusilli.IO on Kubernetes clusters allows you to take advantage of the latter to also provision and administer enterprise-level infrastructure solutions such as Isilon and PowerStore, thanks to the Container Storage Interface (CSI) plugin that offers the possibility of managing the best scalable NAS capabilities through the same orchestrator, all supported by perfectly scalable hyperconverged solutions that fit the necessary computational power.

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Easy Administration

Manage your fusilli.IO's K8s cluster from a single point of control.

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Seamless Integration

Kubernetes is the most popular container deployment and orchestration platform, and can make fusilli.IO and dynamic storage provisioning harmoniously coexist.

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Open Source

Both fusilli.IO Manager and the CSI plugin are available completely free of charge on GitHub and Docker Hub.

A Big Data solution suitable for every need

Thanks to its adaptable connectors, fusilli.IO can integrate with a large number of data sources, whether relational databases or not, applications or file systems: the ability to manage provisioning, monitoring and deletion of logical volumes, snapshots and shared folders through the same Kubernetes cluster on Dell Technologies' storage offerings exponentially increases the data solutions available for any type of company, while the flexibility and scalability of its hardware appliances always guarantees stable and optimized performances.

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Dell EMC VxRail

The combination of fusilli.IO and the VxRail HCI platform can give rise to high-density storage solutions for complex Big Data applications, or high-performance solutions for managing heavy workloads.

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Dell PowerStore

The new PowerStore family, Dell Technologies' next-generation midrange storage solution, can work in synergy with fusilli.IO to eliminate the typical trade-offs in terms of performance, scalability and efficiency, with an intelligent and adaptable data-centric infrastructure that transforms both traditional and modern data tasks.

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Dell EMC Isilon

Unstructured data processing with fusilli.IO and Isilon, Dell Technologies' hybrid scale-out NAS system provides operational flexibility with built-in multi-protocol support to manage a wide range of workloads in a single platform.

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Dell PowerEdge

Dell PowerEdge Servers Line Servers enable fusilli.IO to process data transfer and manipulation pipelines faster and more efficiently and handle multiple complex data transformations under high demand conditions.

Cloud Native Architecture

Minimize operational risk and maximize delivery agility. Efficient, simple one-click deployments to public, private and hybrid clouds.

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