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fusilli.IO DataOps platform empowers your Big data teams with Data Governance and Data lifecycle management.

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Simplify data connection and improve data lifecycle operations

Designed with the Data owner in mind, fusilli.IO is an end-to-end DataOps platform that provides Data management, governance and collaboration tools to automate data-driven insights.

Connect data to fusilli.IO from almost any online cloud service, database, file store, message broker or application.

A set of robust connectors allows fusilli.IO Manager to communicate not only with a wide range of databases such as RDBMS, NoSQL, NewSQL, and many more, but also with file systems, event streams, and applications.

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Apache Kafka
LinkedIn Ads
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Google Cloud Storage
Hadoop HDFS
MQTT Broker
Amazon S3
Facebook Ads Insights
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Understandable data

fusilli.IO provides metadata discovery and exploration offering a technical and a business view to its users. The Data Catalog allows positional exploration while a Business Glossary provides access to metadata thorugh a fully customisable taxonomy of meaningful business terms.

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Simple rules for data accessibility

As Data classification and governance is a vital component of any information security and compliance program, fusilli.IO lets users implement custom accessibility for different confidentiality level (from restricted data to secret, from public data to personal) to support internal policies and regulations.

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Auditable data flows

fusilli.IO Team and Notifications Management brings data stakeholders together to finally make data operations easy, agile, secure and transparent for everyone. Data Request management reduces the time Team Management Teams spend on production activities rather than on innovation.

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Self-service Agility

fusilli.IO provides simple, reliable data delivery for data analysts and data scientists through reusable codeless data transfer pipelines for bacth and streaming data allowing Data Consumers to start analyzing data in minutes, not months by eliminating engineering busywork while empowering analysts to prove value.

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Create and Run Data Pipelines through multiple Data Cores

Watch how how our point-and-click Pipeline Designer offers non-technical users great capabilities in data transformation and delivery, with zero hand code required to operate it.

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Simplifying Data Governance and Compliance with fusilli.IO

People are becoming always more aware of the use of their data, leading to a new consideration of the Data Governance dimension in a corporate scenario. Discover how, an end-to-end DataOps platform, streamlines enterprise Data Governance by leveraging the Agile-oriented DataOps methodology.