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A community of users and developers to create innovation

Our Commitment to Open Source

Since we started designing fusilli.IO, we believed that opening up our software to a new community of developers would supercharge the next wave of innovation, helping organizations solve real problems in Data management and we can’t wait to see what they create.

fusilli.IO manager architecture

fusilli.IO Manager

fusilli.IO Manager is an open source project designed for dynamic workflow orchestration to securely transfer and prepare data across different environments. Powered by the best-in-class innovative technologies, the interaction between its connectors and the central core guarantees pipeline engine resilience and the right flexibility for every need.

Open source software is a critical part of our mission. We build innovative products that use and integrate open source software and with the same spirit, we released fusilli.IO as open source to build a new community where users and developers can exchange their experiences.

Join the Community

Our Engineers led the creation of fusilli.IO and are and will be part of the team behind this project. We encourage participation in this project not just to get a clear view into its future but to shape it with you contribution. Please submit your details below and we'll be glad to send you an invitation to join our GitLab community.