Platform overview

Fast track your analytics projects into production

Bring Data, Apps and People Together.

fusilli.IO removes the human bottlenecks from data projects, decouples business decisions from the infrastructure and makes data accessible to the right people.
Connect, explore, orchestrate, deliver, and take action on all of your data without duplication and tech complexity.

Accelerate Analytics Projects delivery

fusilli.IO transforms data into real-time value, making it easier and faster to use, while maintaining expert levels of control and transparency. Unlock endless use cases by onboarding more data sources, engaging non-technical subject matter experts and increasing access to data across the entire organisation.


Analytics-Ready Schemas

fusilli.IO defines and adjusts schemas with every pipeline instance, so you can run analytics immediately.


Pipeline Designer

Digital transformation depends on continuous SLA-level data delivery. Build robust reusable pipelines with or without coding that free you to focus on innovation rather than manual routines.


Automated Pipelines

Fast track your projects into production with automated structured and unstructured data ingestion, pipeline monitoring and custom scheduling.


Reliable Connectors

fusilli.IO connects to different systems and environments through a versatile set of prebuilt connectors designed for applications, databases, file stores and data warehouses.


Business Glossary

Expand a culture of experimentation and innovation beyond IT department. Business Glossary helps everyone understand the value behind data by structuring information in a business-oriented, non-technical way.


Data Catalog

Data powering modern businesses come from a variety of internal and external sources. fusilli.IO keeps all metadata in a single place, so you always know what data is available, where it comes from, and what it means.


Smart Tags

fusilli.IO’s automated, human-guided Smart Tagging makes it easy to identify and classify data across numerous sources.


Data Logs

fusilli.IO provides end-to-end transparency about all data movements and transformations for you to get the result you trust.


Strict Users' Roles and Permissions

At fusilli.IO, we know your data is priceless. fusilli.IO orchestrates secure data management by defining different user roles with strict permissions to make sure your data is always in good hands.


Data Anonymisation Policies

Choose from various embedded anonymisation methods such as masking or encryption, and fusilli.IO will automatically apply policies to keep all or a part of your data protected.


Team Management

fusilli.IO offers a common team space for all data stakeholders to make data operations easy, agile, secure and transparent for everyone.


Automated Data Requests

With fusilli.IO, it is easy to compose, submit and review data requests in minutes. An agile, automated workflow eliminates tedious busywork, so you can start using your data from day one.


Embedded Collaboration Tools

Modern data-intensive initiatives cannot succeed without collaboration. Real-time notifications and communication tools help your team stay in sync along the entire data lifecycle.

Cloud Native Architecture

Minimize operational risk and maximize delivery agility. Efficient, simple one-click deployments to public, private and hybrid clouds.

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Competitive Advantages

Our tech's key features are designed for data architects, data scientists and citizen developers and stand out to leverage industrial AI at scale.

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Operational Agility

  • Team collaboration to fast-track data delivery
  • Codeless pipeline design, no traditional ETL
  • Tasks automation to reduce human errors
  • Point-and-click UI to mitigate technical complexity
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Data Quality & Governance

  • Secure by design to simplify data governance
  • Policy design to comply with GDPR, CCPA, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of data operations
  • Track and trace data requests, no undocumented flows
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Flexibility & Scalability

  • Cloud Native micro-services architecture
  • API-driven connections and integrations
  • Solution ready for private, hybrid or public cloud
  • Deployable on-prem with HA-ready configuration on Kubernetes

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