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The right fit for every Use Case

fusilli.IO comes in two commercial license versions, the "Enterprise version" and the "Departmental version", each delivering the same set of features. We also support and mantain an "Open Source", non commercial version.

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Open Source

This version relies on a command line interface to connect to virtually any data core, regardless of their underlying technology (API, DBMS, Files, etc.). It is designed to enable data pipeline configuration, data transformations and unlimited pipeline executions.

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This version provides the flexibility to start small and to grow your way up as you need to. It is licensed under a project-based model which means that the Departmental version includes a first single Project1 while extra Projects can be added at any time.

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This version is designed to assure pricing predictability at scale as it removes project-based limitations. It is designed to address Big data challenges that require Teams to work in segregated Projects, each with their own business demands and time-to-market constraints.

Licensing Model

Within the license period of one year, the pricing for both versions include a Support SLA, catered for each license version, as well as all software updates falling within the license period.


  1. In fusilli.IO, a "Project" is a DataOps collaborative workspace. Access to a Project is granted to a "Team", an unlimited number of fusilli.IO "Users", each assigned with a customizable array of permissions on data and functionalities. Each Project makes available to the "Team" all fusilli.IO features such as data exploration of unlimited sources and targets, unlimited data governance rules and policy management and unlimited pipeline design and executions.
  2. For the Open Source version, Data Connectors can be developed independently by the Customer or purchased separately.
  3. The main license provides access to one first single Project.