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A sneak peak into fusilli.IO

Watch these video tutorials to see what you can do with fusilli.IO

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Data Governance Features to Provide Trusted Data in Real-Time

In this video, you will see how fusilli.IO detects and anonymises sensitive data in motion to guarantee data privacy and regulatory compliance across numerous data sources. Discover how fusilli.IO makes sure your data is always in good hands by offering a fully automated set of governance functionalities such as accessibility classifications, embedded anonymisation methods, and many more.

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Create and Run Data Pipelines through multiple Data Cores

Watch how to build your first reusable pipeline in minutes with fusilli.IO. In this video, we show you how Point-and-click Pipeline Designer offers non-technical users great capabilities in data transformation and delivery, with zero hand code required to operate it. You will also discover how fusilli.IO automates pipeline monitoring and scheduling, eliminating undocumented flows and manual busywork.

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Discover and Explore multiple Data Cores from a Single Environment

Watch how you can easily connect applications, databases, file stores and data warehouses with fusilli.IO. In this video, you will also discover two alternative modes of metadata exploration, so users with different levels of technical expertise can always clearly understand what data is there, where it comes from, and what is the value behind this data.

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Leverage Data Collaboration to Help Your Teams Focus on Innovation

Discover how fusilli.IO connects the ever-growing number of data stakeholders to cooperate and drive innovation, offering a common team space for each Project. In this video, you will see how fusilli.IO makes the data request procedure transparent and agile, making sure you won’t miss anything with real time notifications and communication tools.